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Lately renting an apartment is popular in Budapest. They are relatively cheap, and the feeling is more like having a home than in a hotel. Though we have cautioned you to NOT get involved with people approaching you at railway station offering apartments, basically renting an apartment is a great and exciting way of living in Budapest.

When we were in Prague or when I traveled to Kiev, I always choose this option. Furthermore, there are several other opportunities in Budapest other than renting an apartment.

Private, independent apartments in Budapest

  • Akademia Apartment
  • Akácfa Apartments
  • Alfa Apartments
  • Angels Apartments
  • Art deco Apartments
  • Asbóth Apartment
  • Blue Lagoon Apartment
  • Buda Castle Apartments
  • Canaletto Apartment
  • Casa Sol Apartments
  • Castle District Apartment
  • Cavaraggio Apartment
  • Dali Apartment
  • Designer Apartment
  • DeVille Apartment
  • Dohány Apartment
  • Embassy Apartment
  • Galamb Apartment
  • Happy Apartments
  • Holiday Service Apartments
  • IMI Apartment
  • InnerCity Apartments
  • Jacuzzi Suite Apartment
  • Kékgolyó Apartment
  • King Edward Apartment
  • Kígyó Apartment
  • Margit Apartment
  • Michelangelo Apartment
  • Mondria Apartment
  • Monet Apartment
  • Museum Boulevard Apartment
  • Navigare Apartments
  • Opera Apartment
  • Opera Residence Apartments
  • Queen Mary Apartments
  • Raffaello Apartment
  • Rákóczi Apartment
  • Rákóczi 2-room apartment
  • Rákóczi 3-room apartment
  • Riverview Apartment
  • Semmelweis Apartment Budapest
  • Swedish Apartment
  • Szerémi Apartment
  • Thalia Apartment
  • The Baroness Apartment
  • The Hollywood Apartment
  • The Venetian Apartment
  • Van Gogh Apartment
  • Vaudeville Apartment
  • Vaci Apartment
  • Váci utca Apartment
  • Városház Apartment
More choices at:

If you stay for more than a month, it is worth to rent an apartment for a longer term

Some examples:
You can find more choices:

Our Advice:

As you can see, there are so many choices in Budapest for renting an apartment. Both for the long term and short term. Even you can choose among different categories considering the price, the location or the quality of the service. The real serious services have a website in English and they answer e-mails, phone calls. And most of them are.

If they do not, just simply ignore them..and go for the next choice on your mind. From some of my friends, I've heard that sometimes during the booking process, they start to talk about extra charges like cleaning or anything else. For me, I personally don't like surprises in this field, and if I find the price "starts to be" different from the rate they showed on their website, I finish the conversation there and then.

If you are planning to travel to Budapest for a longer period of time (student, businessman, moving here) and you are searching for a rent, it is better to search for an agency. Since we did it just recently and we needed a service which can handle our case in English, too (communication, contract in English, they help to arrange the registration papers for foreigners)

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