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The curse of an evil fairy.

The deadly slumber sleep of 100 years.

The 7 virtues: Spera – hope, Justitia – justice, Credo – faith, Carita – love, Temperantia – moderation, Fortitudo – strength and Sapientia – wisdom. 

Performed by the Háromszék Dance Ensemble, Sapientia is the seventh fairy, whom they forget to invite to the christening and due to her anger, she uses the virtue of knowledge to an evil end. To save the Princess from the curse the good fairies hide her in the forest. The animals representing the Seven Deadly Sins guard the Prince’s clothes, with which Sleeping Beauty can be saved from death.

Music by Zeno Apostolache guest artist

Sets and costumes: Zsuzsanna Bagoly guest artist

Text by Lóránd Bartha guest artist

Professional advisor: Enikő Imreh–Marton guest artist, Gizella Tekeres

Assistant director: Misi Fazekas guest artist

Directed and choreographed by László Ivácson

Duration: 60 minutes, without intermission . 

When: 10:30am, 3pm, 2nd May 2013

Where: National Dance Theatre, Main Auditorium

Ticket price: 800 HUF

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