Budapest stag weekends

Budapest Stag Weekends

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Since March we have been living in the downtown of Budapest right above an Irish Pub. I was born in Budapest and I thought the city couldn't show me anything new. I was wrong.


A new hype, a new fashion is occupying the nightlife of Budapest. Young guys are coming over from the United Kingdom for a stag weekend. In the Hungarian traditions we also have something like bachelor party but this stag nights are new to me. First I thought maybe these guys were missing the Farsang (the Hungarian version of Halloween) being in those funny dresses, but than I realized it was something different.


Stag companies are offering special tours for the men-folk with all the spices and style. Budapest is a very popular destination. A Budapest Base Stag Weekend must be very attractive as our city is one of the most beautiful in Europe with a very vibrant nightlife for an unbeatable price. Large and ladies, beer and fun are all organized during these weekends from the airport to the airport. And don't worry guys, we still can sleep above the Irish Pub. I go there very often myself, too.:)

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