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Bubble tea in Budapest

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Bubble tea has arrived to Budapest under the name Bubu Tea.

Bubble Tea

Bubble tea is very popular in Asia. The idea is originally from Taiwan where they love everything very colourful and "bubble-ish". Have you ever recognised that Taiwanese are speaking with a very girly accent? At times I have the feeling this is not their original voice, they force it even higher.

Bubble tea reminds me of this shiny colourful world of the new Asia. From a Hungarian perspective bubble tea is nothing else but gummy bears in "málnaszörp" with a thick diameter straw. But definitely tasty. Children would love it....if the store wouldn't be hidden in an underpass of the Ferenciek tere. I hope soon they will move to a better place. 

It was a pure accident that we passed by there. The store is run by a (I guess) Vietnamese family, serving you with a very nice attitude. Actually this is the first time I see Asian people opening something referring to the modern Asia instead of the traditional Chinese bufes or sellig cheap t-shirts at the market. Good start with Bubble Tea.

You can find there exact location here: www.bubutea.hu
Or you can follow them on Facebook: www..facebook.com/bubutea


                   (photo source: Sherri DuPree Bemis)

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