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Snow in Budapest

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Snow in Budapest

We had very heavy snow suddenly after a 'teaser spring'. Well, it means on a fine Tuesday, we woke up suddenly seeing snow of 3 inches thick!


For me I was on my way to the bank first, then I decided to have a longer walk in the snow. It was still snowing and carefully I made my steps to the Budapest Opera House. As I have a date with my love - my hubby, we will see the Mozart's Così fan tutte :)

It's always an experience if it even (once or twice a week), you can get an exceptional service. It would have to be someone Hungarian who really knows how to extend a good service! That would be a lucky day. As usual, the Hungarian ticket sales assistant wasn't the best in her best sales service. What can I say, it is part of Budapest too.

So without more expectations, I left the ticketing office holding the two tickets, happily walking home. The snow was fast flying past my face. It's a strange day with so much snow all of a sudden but it was certainly beautiful!

I made more photos along the way.
Andrassy ut, Budapest, and snowing

There is a girl who is Singaporean and living in Budapest. We haven't met but it was amazing to see her notes about her feelings about the beautiful Budapest. Today I found a video made by her (see above) and I just want to share it. I think it's a great clip to have a feel about how its like living here.

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