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Within the framework of the Budapest Spring Festival we participated in a very interesting event called Singing City. The event was advertised like this on their website:

"On March 25, we will plant the seeds of song in the city; look for its flowers on squares, in shopping centres and subways, in the streets and on public transport. Amateur and professional choirs will sing on different points of the city, like so many flash mobs bringing colour and sound to the public spaces. To crown the day, the choirs will join forces with conductor Gergely Kesselyák and the Óbuda Danubia Orchestra in a concert near the Akvárium on Erzsébet Square."


We were there and the short concert at the Akvárium (ex-Gödör club) was really great. The conductor successfully involved the audience into the performance. Here is a short video about his efforts to manage this as a trial prior to the event:

And an other short video about the event itself:

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