Budapest to Zagreb Roadtrip Preparation Road Trip with Your Pet dog

Summer Roadtrip Preparation: Budapest to Zagreb

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Budapest to Zagreb: Roadtrip and its preparation

Summer road trips can be a fun way to see a country, the preparation is worth the while. Besides getting your car ready, for summer road trip, be sure you have the summer wheels for a joyful ride.

Gadgets: Mobile Phone, GPS
Before you leave home, charge your phone. Using the GPS, or local map of destination can be handy, check the directions before heading out as sometimes, the most recent version of the map on the GPS has to be downloaded. Make sure you have the necessary battery chargers for your travel gadgets.

If you prefer, prepare some music on the flash drive and you are ready to go.

Buy the e-matrica/e-Vignette at the gas stations. The toll for 4-days is about 1650 Hungarian forints


Travel with Your Pet Dog
If you are traveling with a dog, get ready a pet passport for your dog and book a dog-friendly hotel before you arrive.

Momo's Pet Passport

You need to get paperwork with proof of rabies vaccine. Bring enough dog food for the entire duration of the trip. Some treats for your dog can be good (our dog Momo doesn't like to eat anything usually along the way).

A trip to Croatia (Zagreb) takes about 3.5 to 4 hours. Be sure to pack some water in a bottle and bring along a water bowl or dish as your dog will be just as thirsty. Stop for some stretching and taking short breaks after 1.5 to 2 hours so that your dog can take a walk and relieve himself. Have always the dog leash on your dog.

The cost of crossing over to Croatia is 36 KUNA. Before you leave Budapest, go to the money changer and make sure you have some KUNA (the local currency for Croatia) before entering the Croatian borders.

Preparing for a Roadtrip: e-matrica

You are supposed to press the button and keep this ticket.
Do not bend or fold this card.

You will only pay at the exit point.

Preparing for a Roadtrip: e-matrica

Someone will greet you at a sheltered payment collection point.

For a faster entrance, get the exact amount ready.

Gorican Receipt

 Budapest to Zagreb: 36 KUNA.

It was 36 KUNA. We paid 40 and got these Croatian coins as the change.

 Kuna - Croatian's currency

Crossing the borders, you will receive a stamp on your passport of the name of the place where you cross :) GORICAN!

 croatia's border, stamp: Gorica

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