Budapest to Croatia Plitvice Road Trip From Budapest to Plitvice Lakes

Summer Activities: 3. Road Trip From Budapest to Plitvice Lakes (Croatia)

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breath-taking Plitvice Lakes 1. Walking closer and closer

Breath-taking! We gonna walk closer and closer to these beautiful lakes!

breath-taking Plitvice Lakes 2. Bridge over turquoise waters of the Lake

Breath-taking! 2. That's the kind of bridge which we were crossing. For most of the entire six hours, this national parks have many of these kind of bridges - wooden bridges. And from the top, it looks like a 'twig' or a little 'branch' but hey, it's not! So amazing the entire park is preserved and protected. It is really well-designed. Despite the high traffic (as it really seemed very touristic) it is well-prepared for lots of people to visit.

breath-taking Plitvice Lakes 3. Most of the areas to walk are shaded

3. These beautiful lakes just embrace you whole-heartedly. Be ready to see more turquoise coloured waters. More lakes coming...

breath-taking Plitvice Lakes 4. Clear, crystal clear water. Look at those fishes

and fishes! Lots of fishes. One of the rules is 'No Fishing'. Just look at how clear and beautifully refreshing the waters are! We are very glad they made efforts to preserve this beautiful paradise. Worth the while to drive there. From Zagreb, it was 2 hours road trip to get to Plitvice Lakes. So if you are going there from Budapest by car, it will be approximately six hours. Though it is summer's high season, the crowd was well organize.

There are different routes for you to choose from, the least was three hours. We took the six hours trail and it was beautiful and breath-taking!! Included in this six hours, we walked about five hours, half hour of tram rides, and about ten minutes of boat ride crossing the lake.

breath-taking Plitvice Lakes 5. Serenity. That's just pure bliss

Breath-taking! How many times must I say it? Many many times!!! More photos here

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