Budapest to Transylvania Cluj-Napoca

Budapest to Transylvania

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The road trip from Budapest to Transylvania was about 10.5 hours in total. However, as we planned our sights over four days, we planned our itinerary in such a way that we get to see the historical sights as well as the traditional country side. Along the way, there were sights of these storks which are large, long-legged, long-necked wading birds with their nests and baby storks. Our first stop was to a historical province in the central of Transylvania.
There are several preparatory steps for a roadtrip to Transylvania. Besides checking on the routes and places we would like to see, the preparation includes the booking of the accommodation which at first posed some challenges.

It was difficult as the people did not respond to our emails. We suspected that they were not able to reply in English. So it had delayed our planning for about a week or two while we were waiting for their responses. Finally the way we solved it was by calling them directly asking if they speak English and asked if they are providing pet-friendly facilities as Momo (our pet Havanese dog) is traveling with us.


We managed to find hotel and villa accommodations that has parking facilities. The only setback was Internet access. Almost all of the three places we found were without WIFI access. The only way out was to pay for 3G and data roaming from our mobile phones.


We set off in the noon time and after driving for about 400 km (6 hours) from Budapest, we arrived at our first destination  Cluj-Napoca, the 4th most populous city in Romania. This historical province of Transylvania is commonly known as Kolozsvár amongst the Hungarian people.
Transylvania Cluj
Coinciding with the summer season, there was an ice-cream festival going on at the square. We caught sight of the sunset and twilight at the city square and had a nice dinner at a Cafe bistro alfesco style. The waitress there speaks Hungarian too.
Transylvania Cluj
The next day we set off to visit a bath region of Transylvania where we get to taste the most delicious Transylvanian Székely Marhapörkölt Nokedlivel.

Transylvanian Székely Marhapörkölt Nokedlivel, budapest to transylvania, road trip

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