Heroes' Square What's Happenings in March

What's Happening in March in Hungary

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15th of March is one of the important national holiday in Hungary. This day is the remembering the Revolution and War of Independence of 1848 - 1849.


During this time, the most respected national figures in the Hungarian history are remembered. It is marks the anniversary of the revolution's outbreak.

Bloodless. It was an approval by the new government about a sweeping reform package called 'March Laws'. That was also when Hungary created its autonomous national kingdom and made the Habsburg Emperor its King.

This day, the children in schools will prepare the Hussar hats during their art classes as part of their lesson plan that ties in with the Hungarian history. The Hungarian Hussar on horses are also seen at vicinity near the Heroes' Square. Almost like a family event with children, hungarian traditional food, hussars in smart uniforms, horses.

The other March event that is important is the farewell to the Winter. Early march is when the infamous carnival event is held. From 3rd to 8th March for 2011, this is a traditional folk custom turned into preserved tradition of carnival event. Most tourists would want to visit Mohács to see this spectacular event.

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