Boat Parade Budapest to Venice

Venice Carnival 2011 - Boat Parade

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Carnival 2011

Having guests quite often from other continents (especially from Asia) we realized that people prefer to explore the surrounding countries using Budapest as a base. I think this is a great idea, and with a new session on this blog, we would like to give you some ideas on how to manage short excursions from Budapest to enjoy the fun carnivals and festivals in Europe.

Venice Carnival 2011 in Venice, Italy

This first video is about Venice, not so much about the carnival. However, it is a beautifully edited video and it is almost showing Venice very correctly, and very professionally. The title of this video is not the best fit, but I think it is worth to have a look, to have an idea and to feel how Venice is like, especially its atmosphere. Then again, being there is totally a different experience - the smell of the place, the small alleys, the maze-like 'getting lost' sense of fun. These are hard to express in words, neither in a video nor on photographs. You got to be there!

It is rather easy to get to Venice from Budapest, there are many options such as by orangeways buses, or by the EN Euronight trains. Click on to read about our train ride experience to Venice from Budapest .

This second video is about the Boat Parade 2011. I love to see these colourful fancy dresses and costumes and on the boat makes it seemed cumbersome but certainly fun! Love those masks too. How can a carnival be without those mysterious looking masks!! :)


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