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 Eger Minorite Church, Hungary Budapest to Eger, Zannnie and Zsolt

The distance to drive from Budapest to Eger is about 140 km. It is crossing the highways M3 which led us from Kerecsend to Eger.

Eger 60 from Budapest, M3, E71, Budapest to Eger, Zannnie and Zsolt

We passed Gyongyos then arriving in Eger after in less than about 1.5 hours drive.

 Dobo ter, Eger | Budapest to Eger, Zannnie and Zsolt

The main sights are within walking distance from the city center. The destination which we entered into the GPS was 'Dobo ter' and that is where you can see this statue.

Dobo Istvan, Eger

If you like castles, thermal baths, historic buildings, RED and white wines, Eger is the place for you!

The name of this city comes from the alder tree. In the Hungarian language, it is called 'egerfa'. Since the Stone Age and from 10th century, Eger was formed by the Hungarian first Christian king and between the 14th and 16th centuries, this place was prospering like never before. Today you can see its 18th and 19th centuries' beautiful buildings built by the bishops of Eger.

Turks attacked. Eger, Hungary

The story about this northern Hungarian city is much to do with the Turks who tried to advance into Central Hungary. There is a border fortress that is so ever famous - under Captain Istvan Dobo who had defended the castle merely with fewer than two thousand people. That army of 80,000 Turkish soldiers was successfully held off.

Eger Hungary

If you ask any Hungarian, they know this 1899 novel 'Eclipse of the Crescent Moon' (in Hungarian 'Egri csillagok') since it is a part of the Hungarian national curriculum.

In 1596, it was attacked again by a bigger army of Turks. During the 91 years of Ottoman rule, churches were converted to mosques, and rebuilt public baths and minarets (distinctive architectural feature of Islamic mosque).

Eger, Sunset

If you are so in love with churches, Eger has seventeen churches, but basically you are recommended to visit three of them :)

  • The Cathedral or basilica in Classicist designs is built in 1831-1837.
  • The 17th Century Minaret is one of the must-see sights in Eger.
  • 'The Valley of the Beautiful Women' in Hungarian 'Szepasszonyvolgy',
  • Dobo ter where the Baroque Minorite Church was built in 1758 to 1767.
  • The Lyceum which is the Eszterhazy College.
  • Turkish Bath
  • The Provost Minor's Palace
  • Agria Park which is a shopping mall opened in 2008.
  • The Archbishop's Garden and Palace
  • The Serbian Orthodox Church where you can see the best Viennese artists' works and the special iconostasis.
  • The Cistercian Church
  • Eger Minorite Church
  • Eger Castle

Eger, Hungary, Budapest guide in English

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Alternative ways to get to Eger are as follows:
The main stop is Fuzesabony

Bus to Eger

Train to Eger

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