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Travel Packing List Four for Budapest

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This is the last part of the Packing List for Budapest Travel.

Toiletries kit: bring those with squeeze bottles in sealable plastic bags to prevent pressure changes in flight to cause bottles to leak. Do note that all liquids and gels must fit within a single, quart-size sealable plastic bag. Tissue packs, fingernail clippers or tweezers if necessary. First-aid kit: Basic medication for cold, flu. You can buy it here at the pharmacy, but just that the language barrier might be annoying to get what you exactly need, so better to bring your own rather than getting lost in translation. Surely you do not want to take the wrong medication. Sunscreen and sunglasses, this is for summer travel.

Extra sealable plastic bags for separating clothes which contain dampness along the travel from cities to cities. Some Hungarian hotels do not provide soap and not even towels. It is best to buy before check-in or bring your own.

In summer, consider to bring a small towel that is quick-drying synthetic hand towels. Safety pins and a mini sewing kit (just in case). Travel information/guide book or you can check out these pages in Map to specific local areas or your hotel, buy from the local bookstores or convenient stores near where you will be accommodated.

Address list (to email and update friends) Tip: prepare on adhesive address labels before you leave and simply stick on postcards. Small notepad and pen (for organizing, making notes, reminders, and as communication aid). Journal with itinerary. Adapters (Europe's electrical outlets are different from Asia, except Indonesia)

Optional items:
· Neck rest or inflatable pillow
· Cotton sheets for overnight train rides, can double as beach or picnic blanket
· Tiny lock (for your backpack incase you want to leave it at reception and also unforeseen early hours check-out timing, to save a day's hotel charges)
· Light weight LED flashlights that's tiny but powerful.
· Reading material/Paperback
· Insect repellent (Summer)
· Collaspsible umbrella (Summer)
· Poncho (versatile and doubles as picnic blanket)
· Small souvenirs from hometown such as crafts/candies/small toys for kids if you are meeting any local hosts.

Part III of the Travel Packing List is available here

If you have any additional comments or advices on what to bring, do feel free to email us and we will add it in :)

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