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Packing List Two for Budapest Travel

Footwear: Choose light, cool with good traction shoes for walking. Budapest is a walking city. It is not practical for ladies to wear high-heels. There are still many cobblestones streets where there are beautiful sights to be seen. So you would not want to miss them. Bring along a pair of sandals, it will be useful for summer travel or even the thermal baths hopping. Some people feels comfortable in tennis shoes.

Winter Boots: In February, it is the real winter in Budapest and the temperature dips as low as -20ºC, or let's say -15ºC. You will need a good pair of good footwear that provides warmth and non-slipped walking. Some days the weather conditions can be icy, that is when it rains at 0ºC.

For Budapest winter, you will need at least a warm winter coat that is water-resistant. For the autumn, you can do with a light jacket, also a water-resistant windbreaker with a hood. Shawl are great companions and it is important to wrap it round your entire neck to seal off thus preventing the cold wind from sipping into your clothes through the collars.

Professionals who are here will need the tie (for men) or scarf (for ladies) depending on the type of your travel.

Next is about money, credit cards or debit card for ATM withdrawals. Banks such as Citibank does not have means to access your asian Citibank accounts (at least it is so for Singapore). Hence, better you bring changed Euros as backup to change at the local money changers to Hungarian Forint.

Documents: Passport, Plane ticket/ e-ticket printout, Rail pass, car-rental voucher, driver's license (left-hand drive in Hungary), Student ID etc. It is recommended that you bring the original documents and photocopies. Do carry photocopies separately in luggage. You might also want to keep a record of all reservations for hotels' confirmation emails together for easy retrieval. Trip calendar is very useful to help organize your time as when you are having fun, time flies and it might help to keep track of the days.

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