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Travel Packing List - Budapest

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If you scan through photographs of Budapest, those photos in winter will show you that the white snow covering Budapest are simply beautiful. So it really is important that you pack well for the travel if you intend to visit from November to January. It is not for sure that the first snow will arrive in November, sometimes there was even no snow during the Christmas. However, one thing is for sure, February is well-known for being the coldest for the whole winter season.

Prepare Your Packing List
It is very important to prepare yourself well for the Winter in Budapest.  Before arrival, your packing list should include some basic items.

Layering Up
One very important tip about handling the cold is with a warm sweater or lightweight fleece. Bring warm and dark colored fleece for layering up. So if you are travelling in autumn over the winter for the first snow, it is a great technique to layer up with another warmer long sleeve t-shirt or blouse for the ladies.

Jeans & Stockings
Jeans are great for winter as they are thick and warm. For ladies, it is important to wear a thick stocking or thighs beneath your jeans. So as for the summer, you can leave your jeans at home as the Budapest summer can be up to 40ºC! Shorts with pockets, which are lightweight, or zip-off legs pants are great. It doubles as swim wear for men at Lake Balaton in Summer travel.

Packing List

Long Sleeves & Cotton Pants
Shirts and Pants for guys: Go for Cotton/Polyester blend of short/long sleeved shirts. And lightweight cotton pants (or super-lightweight for summer) are ideal as Churches and Basilica visit dress codes.

Swimwear in Winter?
Yes. In the winter, you might still want to explore the thermal baths, bring along your swimwear. For the summer, you can go to the infamous Lake Balaton. The other places where you still can swim in any season are indoor pools within baths or even caves.

Bring as many as 5 sets of underwear and socks if your travel is longer than 2 weeks. It will be wise to do some light laundry to keep your luggage light and fresh throughout the entire journey. So buy some washing detergent.

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