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Gerbeaud Cukrászda Cafe and Confectionary

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We say it again, it is one of the largest in Europe, one of the most traditional cafe.


What you must try is the Dobos Torta, which is a famous Hungarian cake named after its inventor, a well-known Hungarian confectioner, József C. Dobos (1847–1924) in 1884.

The speciality of this cake is the caramel topping for a five-layer sponge cake. Between those layers are chocolate buttercream and thin caramel slices. mmmm....did I get you salivating? ;) And the sides are coated with ground hazelnuts, chestnuts, walnuts OR almonds.

dobos torta

There is a reason for this caramel topping. Do you know why is it there? :)


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