From Budapest to Zagreb by Car From Zagreb to Budapest

From Budapest to Zagreb by Car (Road Trip)

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To get to Zagreb, you can easily reach there by car, it was just 3.5 hours but we made a little stop at the  gas station and arriving in Zagreb after four hours.

Driving directions to City of Zagreb, Croatia

There are two suggested routes:

  • E71/M7 and A4/E65/E71  (346 km)  3 hours 28 min

  • E71/M7 and Route 28 (380 km)4 hours 55 mins

    Of course, we preferred the first one ;)

This route has tolls.

1. Head northwest toward Fő utca
77 m
2. Exit the roundabout onto Clark Ádám tér
400 m
3. Continue onto Alagút utca
180 m
4. Continue straight onto Krisztina tér
110 m
5. Continue onto Mészáros utca
260 m
6. Turn left to stay on Mészáros utca
750 m
7. Take the 1st right onto Hegyalja út
240 m
8. Continue straight onto BAH csomóponti felüljáró
750 m
9. Continue onto Budaörsi út
2.1 km
10. Continue onto E71/M1/M7 (signs forBalaton/Győr/Bécs - Wien)
7.3 km
11. Take the exit on the left onto E71/M7

Partial toll road
221 km
12. Take exit 2 toward 7/Zagreb/Letenye/Budapest

Toll road
650 m
13. Merge onto E65/E71

Toll road
97 m
14. Slight right to stay on E65/E71 (signs forZagreb/7/Letenye)

Partial toll road
Entering Croatia
1.2 km
15. Continue onto E65/E71

Partial toll road
1.6 km
16. Take the ramp onto A4/E65/E71

Partial toll road
94.6 km
17. Take exit 6-Ivanja Reka toward Zagreb istok
700 m
18. Merge onto Slavonska avenija
9.5 km
19. Take the exit toward Avenija Marina Držića
66 m
20. Keep left at the fork and merge ontoAvenija Marina Držića
1.7 km
21. Turn left at Kneza Višeslava
23 m
22. Take the 1st right to stay on Kneza Višeslava
210 m
23. Turn right at Antuna Bauera
600 m
24. Turn left at Vlaška
500 m
25. Continue onto Trg Josipa Langa
170 m
26. Turn left at Jurja Branjuga
200 m
27. Take the 1st right onto Vlaška
78 m
28. Continue onto Stara Vlaška
180 m
29. Turn right at Bakačeva
74 m
30. Continue onto Kaptol
37 m
City of Zagreb, Croatia
By air plane, it is less than an hour. Nonetheless, we enjoy traveling on the road than the air these days as on the plane, you cannot see as much as on the road. On the road, you get to see wonderful colours like this:-

The Zagreb Cathedral has a nice mood around. Not the same as the one in Strasbourg, France. This one does not have a gothic feel. It has some elements of Baroque after it was rebuild due to the heavy damages by the Tartars.

The part of the stairs in the photo of the Zagreb Cathedral captures the mood very well. Even the colours are very special. Don't you think?:)

This part in the city has typical elements of the Upper Town, quite similar to Hungary afterall. The cost of living in Zagreb is 13.87% lower than Budapest.


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