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This word 'Hungarian' is thought to be derived from the Bulgar-Turkic Onogur.
''Onogurs'' is the name of the leading tribal union which means 'ten tribes' or 'ten arrows'.

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'H-' prefix in many languages is a later addition: such as Hungarians, Hongrois, Hungarus. It was taken from the name of the Huns who is a semi-nomadic tribe that lived in the area of the present Hungary. It was according to medieval legends that the Huns were people from which Magyars arose.

However, this identification is disputed in late 19th century. The connection between Huns and Hungarians is still grey. There are other theories stating that the Hungarians are descendents of Scythians, Huns and/or Avars.

And the Hungarians are also believed to be descended from an Asian tribe that is thought to be a fusion of the Khazars, Avars and the Ugrians. Ugrians are believed to have passed on their language to the Hungarians today. And the genetic connection in ancient DNA between the small proportion of the population comprising the ruling class that is linked to Uralic populations approximately 1000 AD which was around the time of the formation of the first Hungarian state.

The Hungarian population belongs linguistically to the Finno-Ugric branch of the Uralic family.

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