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All Saints' Day | All Souls Day

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All Saints' Day commemorates the death of Christian martyrs, and this day has been observed since the 8th Century. It is on the 1st of November. While the 2nd of November is set aside to commemorate the faithful departed, a day for those whose souls are not yet cleansed from sin at death, set by the Roman Catholic Church.

All souls' day in Hungary

In Hungary, this day is known as 'Halottak Napja' which means 'the day of the dead'. So visiting the graves of family members at cemeteries, sweeping off leaves, laying wreaths and flowers and lighting candles. Just like how the Americans do it happily instead of being sad grieving again their passed. They celebrate with Halloween parties, however, the Hungarians do it quietly and solemnly. Budapest's cemeteries are dotted with elaborate memorials, statues and mausoleums.

In many Roman Catholic, Anglican and Protestant churches, All Saints' Day is a celebration of all Christian saints, especially those who have no special feast days of their own. In eastern churches it is celebrated on the first Sunday after Pentecost, this day is also know as 'All Hallows Tide', 'All-Hallomas' or All Hallows' Day.

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