Árpád Dékáni Halas Lace

Laces of Traditional Hungarian Dress

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The Hungarian needlepoint lace typically dealt with three groups of traditional motifs:
flower- and leaf-patterned lace trimmings;
collars, ruffs, animal-figured trimmings and fan laces;
patterned laces with peasants dressed in national costume.

Its first appearance was in 1902 and better known as Halas Lace, it was solely designed by Árpád Dékáni who was born in Alsójára, 1861 and died in Borbánd, 1931.

Halas Lace was an important part of Hungarian folk art.

From fans to small bags to lace tablecloths, they bear typical Hungarian flowers, and animals such as deer, doves, peacocks and peasant youths with Secession plant-stylization and line play.

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