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Yukako Furudate, Tokyo, Japan

What makes Budapest special for you?
Yukako: I'm a violinist. It is the hungarian gypsy music:) I like and had played in restaurant or hotel lobbies. Some of the musicians are my friends:):) and sometimes, we will play together on stage or in restaurants when I am in Budapest. It's very exciting for me:)

What were your first impressions of Budapest?
Yukako: my first impressions of Budapest: beautiful, calm, tasty food, and good music!!!

Budapest vs Tokyo
Yukako: To compare both city, I must to say that Tokyo is a more modern city and there are many kinds of "everything". It is a very convenient city, but sometimes it makes us confused. On the other hand, Budapest is more compact, I think not as convenient as Tokyo, but there is a lot of heart warming things which most Japanese people had forgotten:(:( I love both cities!!but, I feel that depends on the condition, Budapest is better than Tokyo, because of their kind people.

If you are appointed to be the Mayor of Budapest?
Yukako: I think that the Hungarian gypsy music is one of the world's heritage in music. Many famous classical composers like Sarasate, Brahams, Liszt etc. had been influenced by Hungarian gypsy musicians especially so by solo violinist (prima). So, protection of the music or situation of working. 

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