Budapest Tuzijáték Fireworks Display on 20 August 2010

Fireworks Display on 20 August 2010 | Budapest Tuzijáték

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The 18-minute fireworks display was launched from three ships floating on the Danube rather than from the Gellért Hill. Though shorter this year, it was meant to be more economical than in previous years. Part of the budget allocated for the annual August 20 celebration was polled by 60% of Hungarians who preferred it to be spent more wisely on charity purposes such as helping needy citizens and help impoverished tax-paying Hungarians. Besides, flood victims from the northeastern city of Miskolc, badly needed this money for repairing and rebuilding their destroyed homes due to the heavy gales, rain and flooding. It was good that the Facebook group “Let’s forego the fireworks on 20 August in favour of the flood victims” actuated it to a modest and scaled down celebration. This way Hungary could constructively use the money so as to help the flood victims. That's the spirit of solidarity!

20th of August - Firework in Budapest

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