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Budapest Beyond Sightseeing

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We longed for a sightseeing tour that is unique in Budapest. If you had been traveling around the different european cities, you know enough by now what is considered 'touristy'. Everyone knows that a sightseeing tour is possible by walking and setting up routes based on your own personal preferences. However, there are those who wants a truly unique sightseeing experience that is beyond your expectations, beyond places that are touristic which usually a city has to offer. This one that we went on was indeed very exquisite I must say. We started it all with our meeting with an ingenious guide, Gyuri Baglyas from Budapest Beyond Sightseeing at the steps of National Museum.


One can tell Gyuri has taken a lot of effort in the details, starting with an original introductory story about P. Negro, an Italian candy investor. With little gadgets to spark off the sights highlighted, Gyuri tells the historical facts of the hidden gems til how it is as of today. Fellow Hungarians who lives in Budapest, gets to compare with laminated images brought along and you are led into a little exploration game on the go. These little touches and gestures make you feel that it is a tour with a difference that gave us a real experience. With his map that was ''drawn'' on the gravel parks' ground, it sets you into anticipation of that next three hours.

Beyond Budapest

A focal point of the Hungarian history and culture, it was where both the 1848 Freedom Fight and the 1956 Revolution started - the District VIII. It was the center of culture and art in the 18th to 19th centuries. Through the hidden gates to the beauty within was a correction to the belief that this district is a slum, a place largely populated by the gypsy or roma residents and seemed a totally dangerous district to roam into. Much of a surprise, this district has attracted a significant number of Chinese and other foreign minorities' immigrants.

Gypsy Musician

The highlights of this guided tour, was the visit to the home of a Roma musician and his wife. We could freely explore any curious questions we might have about the Roma culture. Gyuri was so kind to have made a real-time translation of Kis Kalmanne' speech as she was speaking. This part of the tour did really touched us, certainly it has taught us and left us a feeling of genuine closeness which we can establish if only we are more open to the other cultures out there.

Gyuri with the Hungarian '1956 flag'   window=窗chuāng
About Budapest Beyond Sightseeing
Budapest Beyond has been around for the past four years. The team extends a cultural and social exchange, a service where you can experience and get a deeper understanding about the 8th District called Józsefváros. The prejudice received by this district has been a negative one. And basically, Gyuri Baglyas and Manó Domján provide the adequate knowledge to erode these prejudices with a guaranteed accuracy using their personal research and their knowledge of the facts about its history. For these, the local government has awarded them a Local Prize in 2010 while in 2009, they were awarded with 'Good Practice' - European Year of Creativity and Innovation.
Phone: +36-20-332-5489

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