Budapest Mayor Wanted Interview

Budapest Mayor Wanted-Richard White, Toronto

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Budapest Mayor Wanted-Richard White, Toronto

Z&Z: What's special about Budapest for you?

Richard: That would be the people. Erm, I find the people are very welcoming. And no matter where you go in Budapest, they will always welcome you with open arms. It's somewhere that makes you feel hungarian :) It makes you feel you are one of them. And I like that!

Z&Z: What was your first impression of Budapest?

Richard: That it was a very poor country. And at that point, they were still, still working away the communism.
And the part of Budapest that I went to is very run down, you can see that and I just felt that it was a very poor country.

Z&Z: Budapest vs Toronto?

Richard: I have to say they both very world class cities. Very modern, very tourist friendly.
Everybody welcomes you in Toronto, everybody welcomes you in Budapest.
Come on, guys, check it out! You won't be disappointed.

Z&Z: If you are appointed as the mayor of Budapest?

You know what? I would just welcome everybody, I would invest more in transportation, make it more user friendly.
It already is user-friendly transit-wise and to get more off to anywhere in Budapest, but I will extend the hours a bit just for the subway. Just to bring it up to speed.
I would basically spend more on heritage aspects too, so restoration of older buildings, older bridges: make it more modern.

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