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Budapest Mayor Wanted - Kinga Amalia Ilyes, Debrecen

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Z&Z: What's special about Budapest to you?

Kinga: Its so colorful by the aspect of people. Many nations, many languages on the streets. I think this is exciting. The other special thing for me about the locals is how proud they are to live in Pest vs. Buda.

Z&Z: What was your first impression of Budapest?

Kinga: I remember, the first time I visited Budapest, I was about 8 years old, and it was an elementary school class trip. I was so amazed since I live in a city with a population of 250 000.

Z&Z: Budapest vs Debrecen?

Kinga: My city is friendlier, like everything is more obvious, you know which bus you have to take, where you have to go if you want to buy certain things. People are somewhat more opened. You dont need to travel that long distances here. In Budapest there is always something happening. People always have interesting stories, about strange things they beleive it happened and it exists, while in Debrecen you would be sent to the psychiatrics for the same story.

Z&Z: If you are appointed as the mayor of Budapest?

Kinga: hmm, I think we spend too much money on heritages and we should spend a bit more on public areas, those are the ugly parts, aren't they? It is not really the business of a major, but I think making more people to use bicycles would be a really good point for the environment and the traffic as well. And the main train stations should be renovated, since this is the first picture we see when we reach Bp by the public transportation.

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