rent for students in Budapest

Rent for Students in Budapest

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More and more foreigner students are in Budapest. They study here or participate in exchange programs and to find a proper accommodation can be a real challenge for some reasons:

- language barriers, majority of Hungarian apartment owners do not speak English
- there is no appropriate legislation on renting in Hungary, so the culture of rent is quite poor, and it is based rather on negotiations then on fixed rules. Some owners are annoying assholes who act like the worse "supercontrolling" aunt you have ever seen. They set up rules acting like being your parents instead of making a clear business on renting and disappearing discretely.
- lot of owners prefer to avoid paying tax and they tend to keep their activity in secret that can make registration or any public action of yours hard.
- especially exchange students are looking for short term (1-6 months) solutions while owners are rather interested in long term rents.
- very rare that rents are coming with utilities included. It is partly understandable, since they do not know what will be your consumption, but on the other hand if you have to deal with all the stupid bills within the "userfriendly" Hungarian public service system you will learn a lot about life.:)

We recommend you to chose English speaking landlords that are specialized to students. Lately an entire market is around the coming students and here are some opportunities how to find a rent in Budapest:

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