faluház project

Faluház project

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They have finished the renovation of the largest house (building for living) in Budapest. 'Faluház' literally means "village house" and it refers to the huge capacity of the blockhouse. In 844 apartments, more than 3000 people live in this building. That is approximately the
population of an average Hungarian village.

(photo source: Óbuda blog)

The renovation was not only about the painting but it is a real green project. They have changed all the windows and doors, covering the building with special materials which made it now absolutely energy-friendly. On the top of the building, they placed solar panels to provide energy for the house. The project costs has reached the 1.2 billion HUF (apr: 4.5 million Euro) and 27% of that was financed by the residents. The rest was contribution of the European Union, the Hungarian central government and the local government of Obuda-Békásmegyer district.

The project leaders and the participating stakeholders and first of all, the inhabitants, are expect to save on the utility costs and to reduce the energy consumption by 50% in the house.

I wouldn't say that the huge building became beautiful but it definitely looks better than the pure gray version previously. And the new green policy is really very promising.

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