Momotaro Chinese Restaurant

Momotaro Chinese restaurant

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Better known as Momotaro Ramen, this was the restaurant where we met up for our Singaporean Meetup. Most of us were relatively surprised to find the small number of Singaporeans living here in Budapest.

We were extended a warm welcome with the real yuntun soup, two big dumplings served in the traditional chinese soup bowls and Zsolt noticed the small details other than the decorations on the ceiling, the couplets on the wall, and also, we were using the chinese soup spoons.

Momomatro Restaurant - Budapest

It was followed by lots of their 'Chef's recommendations' such as Kong Bao Chicken, Stir-fried beef, Steamed fish, bitter gourd or the bitter melon. All of which were served on the Lazy Susan of the big round table. We were hosted with much hospitality in a bigger room in part of the restaurant by the boss of this restaurant.

One of our favourite is the steaming hot xiao long bao. We noticed that there was a dish with very thinly sliced beef and it tasted really good. There were also vegetable bao. The staples of chinese food was the fried rice. We had some white rice too.

Finally we were served the black sesame seed tang yuan coated with coconut flakes - a nice light dessert to round up the night. Only 9 of us were at this meetup but we hope there will be a bigger group the next time.

Momomatro Restaurant - Budapest

Getting there:
metro (red line) Kossuth Lajos tér station
tram/ streetcar: number 2 or 2A
bus number 15
Momotaro Ramen Budapest is very close to the Parliament, the Basilica and Roosevelt square with the Chain Bridge & the Gresham Palace:

Széchenyi u. 16 District 5, 1051 Budapest

Reservations: +36-1 269 3802

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