Budpest Jewish Summer Festival 2010

Jewish Summer Festival in Budapest

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The Jewish Summer Festival is one of Hungary’s most important, most visited and most interesting cultural art events. Even strata of the population usually less interested all year round in cultural events are drawn to this event held on the last week of summer. Visitors may gain a glimpse into a culture which they are not really familiar with and can take part in it. They can get to know the traditions and holidays of a several thousand-year-old culture, and in addition see artists and performers who will offer them a once in a lifetime experience.

The Jewish Tourism and Cultural Center held the first festival in 1998 thanks to the initiation of the Budapest Jewish Community, with Europe`s largest and definitely one of the most spectacular Synagogues as its central location. The Dohány Street Synagogue itself was built between 1855 and 1859 according to plans of Frigyess Fessl and Ludwig Förster.


Dohány Street Synagogue
The Dohány Street Synagogue in Budapest is currently the second largest in the world and together with the synagogue in Amsterdam, the most monumental one in Europe. Its greatness is a proof of Judaism’s significance, its high-standard economical and cultural pretense in the capital of that period.

Hungarian Jewish Museum
The task of the Hungarian Jewish Museum is to preserve the past of Hungarian Jewry, settlers of old of the region, and the collection, systemization and introduction of its historical, religious and cultural memorials.

Rumbach Street Synagogue
The Rumbach Sebestyén Street Synagogue finally reopened after almost fifty years. True, the temple does not yet host religious events, only visits are aloud.

Uránia Movie Theater
The Uránia National Film Theatre was built in 1893 under Rákóczi út 21, earlier called Kerepesi út. The Venetian-gothic and eastern arabesque palace was designed by Henrik Schmahl on the request of Kálmán Rimanóczy from Oradea. The aim was to build a concert and dance hall in the ornamented palace that originally intended to be an Orpheum. It was finally the Oroszy Caprice and the Alhambra club that opened their doors in the edifice.

The detailed programs you can find on the official website of the Jewish Summer Festival.

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