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Zöld Pardon is a well known open-air concert venue and pub in Budapest. Actually in Buda, at the Petőfi Bridge. They write about their programmes as:

memorable concerts.

Our performers are recognized artists from the Hungarian and the international music scene.
In the last years we could welcome such stars as Toy Dolls (UK), Paradise Lost (UK), Zion Train (UK), Dj Krush (Jap), Ez Rollerz feat Mc Tali (UK), Living Colour (USA) , Folkfree (H) ft The Freestlyers MCs (UK), Beuaborg (F), Ramones Mania ft. Tommy Ramone.

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays Hungarian mainstream, on Tuesdays Hungarian rock, on Fridays and Saturdays underground performers, while on Thursdays special productions awaits for the audience from 8pm on the Zöld Pardon’s stage.

Zöld Pardon

I like Zöld Pardon (which means Green Pardon) very much. First of all, its really green, a nice open-air scene with good atmosphere. The price is very cheap, as yesterday we paid 300 HUF (around 1,5 USD) for a concert of Kaukazus. Due to the low prices and because of their
special policy for under-age, the place is full of screaming teenagers who are experiencing their first fun and drama there.

Zöld Pardon is a spring-autumn place, in the winter time it's closed.

It was thought that it may not be reopened for the upcoming season, as their contracts with the government of District XI expired at the end of last year, and they owe tens of millions of forints to the district.

However, we saw that it is reopen today! :) Here's a video about the atmosphere there.

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