Café Vian Paintings for Sale Within Cafe in Budapest

Cafe Vian

12:24 PMZannnie

Last night, I was invited to a ''Ladies' Nite Out'' and we gathered at the Café Vian. It was Michele's painting Exhibition as she exhibited her art pieces that looks of a celebratory theme in the Cafe in part of the Gallery's showcase of the month. Paintings are for sale inside.

I wasn't too hungary last evening despite a long day at work. So we just ordered a Spanish antipasto plate which was really great! :) The serving was fantastic as it encourages conversation since we were not so focused upon eating an entire meal set before us. It was supposed to be an appetiser/starter but to me it was not heavy yet filling enough with an assortment of meats (one that looks like that prosciutto), and some hard cheeses are so delicately and thinly sliced. I am not so much a fan of olives but I think the fresh-baked artisan brown bread was fantastic (hope I have not magnify with words the taste beyond the limits of its truth here! ;)

Café Vian
Telephone and Address: +36 1 342 8991; VI Liszt Ferenz Ter 9, 1061 Budapest
Directions: Located on 'Pest Broadway', not far from Oktogon (metro M1, trams 4 6, buses 4 4express). 
Also accessible by trolley-buses 70 78 (Andrassy ut stop).

Website (in English):

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