Liberty Statue

Liberty Statue

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The monument is on the top of Gellért Hill as a significant part of the cityscape. The female figure was created in 1947 as the central figure of a Liberation Monument. Originally soldier figures were around her but later they were removed.

The statue including its pedestal stands 40 metres tall. The bronze female figure is holding high a palm branch. The main statue is 14 metres tall. The artwork was made by Zsigmond Kisfaludi Strobl.

The present composition of the monument took shape during the modifications after the political transition of Hungary in 1989 and only the side figures remain in their original positions. A new inscription gives a new meaning to the statue composition: To the memory of all of those who sacrificed their lives for the independence, freedom, and success of Hungary.

Liberty Statue - Budapest
(photo: Zsolt)

The Liberty statue was created as the central figure of a Liberation Monument group. In this earlier composition there was a 6 metre-high bronze figure of a Soviet soldier with a machine gun in front of the female figure; on her left side a bronze figure of a man carrying a flaming torch; on her right side another bronze male figure killing a dragon. Behind her stood a 3 metre-high stone soldier; destroyed during the 1956 Revolution, it was later re-carved.

Liberty Statue - Budapest
(photo: Zsolt)

According to the inscription of the original monument it was Erected by the grateful Hungarian Nation in memory of the liberating Russian heroes. During the alteration the soldier figures were moved to the capital's Statue Park, the reliefs on the pedestal were covered over, and the inscription removed (the plaques containing the names were moved elsewhere).

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