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Horse riding in Budapest

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Hungary has a long and deeply entrenched history of horse riding. It started when the Hungarian people are believed to have originated from Asia. Through their great horse riding skills, they migrated to Hungary during the 10th century which sets the beginning of the appreciation for horse riding skills and archery among Hungarians. Hence this became an important part of their heritage.

Dozens of horse riding schools are situated all over Hungary. The best developed horse riding programs in Europe are available here and it is no surprise that many people come to Hungary specifically to learn how to ride a horse.

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It is more about the question of your desired level of proficiency at horse riding which you want to achieve. As well as depending on how much time you have. There are a variety of horse riding courses, surely you can find one that suits you.

There is also a multitude of stables that keep horses which are ideal if you already know how to ride a horse and just want to do some riding. Simply rent a horse for the day and the stables will point you in the right direction as to the best horse riding routes in the area. One known place in Hungary is horse riding on the Great Plain.

Some of the best horse-riding schools on the Great Plain in Hungary are found in the areas of Bugacpustza, Lajosmizsc & Hortogaby.

Hungary is also known as a breeding ground for certain types of horses, ranging from the most prestigious and the highly prized. Among these are Lipizzaner horses which can be best viewed at the stud farm in Szilvasvarad in the Northern Uplands.

If you are a serious horse rider, you usually would prefer to base your entire holiday around horse riding. There are several tour operators that can organize tours that last about one week and involve
riding a variety of different horses in different places in Hungary.

One example is Petneházy Lovascentrum és Huszár Csárda or Petneházy Horse Centre and Hussar Inn. (1029 Budapest, Feketefej utca 2)

(photo: stg_hu)

Phone: 06-20-588-3571
Open: Sat.-Sun., 09-16
Transport: Bus 56, Hűvösvölgy; Bus 63, Adyliget
Petneházy Lovasiskola (Riding School), at
Address: II. Feketefej u. 2
Tel. 1/397-5048

The stable is open year-round Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 9am to 5pm. Take bus no. 56 (56E is fastest) from Moszkva tér to the last stop, then bus no. 63 to Feketefej utca, followed by a 10-minute walk. As far out in the Buda Hills as you can go without leaving the city limits, the school is located in open country, with trails in the hills.

As a rough guide, the prices are as follows: Riding on the track with a trainer costs 2,500 Ft ($13) for 30 minutes; open riding with a guide is 4,500 Ft ($23). There are also pony rides for children at 1,500 Ft ($7.50) for 15 minutes, and there are 30-minute horse-cart rides at 10,000 Ft ($50) for a group of up to 10 people.

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