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New timetable and other changes in Budapest Public Transportation

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One major change was red colour frame coding of express services. As many tourists around the world who first visited Budapest get confused. Now the the former coding (red colour, frame) of express services will terminate; express bus services will be uniformly marked with letter E following the number of the service. Numbering of trams, buses, trolley buses will become harmonised; a particular service number will be used only once in the entire network.

• The line networks follow the changes in the structure of the city; for example, in Districts III, IV, XVII, XXII, through modifying
the line of several services, serving new areas.

• Through connecting, or extending the lines of several services, faraway parts of the city can be reached without changing to
other services (e.g., bus no. 5 will take passengers from Pasarét as far as to Rákospalota).

• The harmonised timetable of each service will result in less time spent with waiting when changing to other services. For
example, the new timetable of metro lines allows changing to other lines fast at Deák tér.

• In accordance with requirements of equal opportunities, lowfloor buses will run in areas where so far it has been hard for
passengers with diffi culties in motion to get on vehicles. On the timetables at stops we indicate at what time such vehicle will
arrive to that stop.

• Our company makes efforts to enforce saving considerations through, e.g., operating 2 tramcar services instead of 3, and solo buses instead of articulated ones in periods with low traffic. Changes in running times and lines of each service, are provided in this pdf here. Download it here FREE.

For further information regarding changes, please, visit the BKV website (www.bkv.hu)
06 1 BKV INFO (06 1 258 4636)
Customer service for making inquiries personally:
Customer service, Budapest, VII. Akácfa utca. 18.

Opening hours:
08.00/17.00 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
08.00/18.00 Wednesday

Budapest public transportation

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