Déryné Bistró

Déryné Bistro

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There are not too many places in Budapest that are open for a warm breakfast. Restaurants, cafés usually open around 10.00 or even later.

Déryné opens at 7.30 every morning and offers a wide range of breakfasts between 7.30 and 10.30 each morning. In their patisseria you can get fresh baked bread.

When I entered the place quite early in the morning I was surprised by the busy life there. The café looks rather like a restaurant. Large and very shiny. Lets say a bit too shiny to me. The other surprise was the number of staff members all around. Even in the morning I could find there at least 5 people "on the board". Some in the bar, others around the guests. We didnt have any problem with the speed of the service, even the manner is polite, but somehow the breakfast is a silent scene to me.

Sitting with a cup of milk (I don't like coffee) and with some sweet Hungarian pastry. This is my style and if you can get rid of the personal in Deryné you will have everything to enjoy that moment.

Address: Budapest I. distr. Krisztina square 3.
Phone: +36 1 225 1407
Web: www.cafederyne.hu
Open: M-Sun.: 7.30 am-01.00 am


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