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A restaurant, bar, garden, gallery and open-air movie at the same time. Lately its very popular in Budapest. Its located on the Margaret Island and which is of course a perfect atmosphere for an open-air place.

One of the greatest virtues of Holdudvar is that it hasn't just popped up from nowhere. The whole setting and Holdudvar itself verify their very purpose through deep-reaching traditions. The first known data about the history of the place go back to the 13th century. Even in the middle of the 19th century ruins of a Johannite castle were to be found at this place. These ruins themselves were built on the ruins of an even older castle from the Roman times.

The old building of the Casino and the spacious garden that goes with it combine to a new but still uniquely bright spot in the culturally entertaining life of Budapest. This means a great opportunity for Holdudvar to grow really big and Holdudvar just gets the most out of it. Apart from running a high-standard restaurant and a bar too (with a grill-kitchen at night), with its open-air and roofed rooms Holdudvar can even host bigger events and give place for open-air programmes too. The opening hours right now are seasonally determined, which means we're open from the first warmer days of spring (April) until the end of September. Every night a different DJ is entertaining our guests with music of the most various sorts and styles and often there are live concerts too. The Holdudvar Gallery awaits its visitors with the newest and most up-to-date works of the fine arts, while our little movie theatre in the garden, the Kertmozi, provides an inimitably genuine atmosphere for our guests to enjoy the best movies the world has produced. There are several other programmes that make life even more colourful at Holdudvar such as fashion shows, events hosted by cultural and civilian organizations, different stage events and practically anything that is part of cultural life.


Location: Margaret Island
e-mail: holdudvar@holdudvar.net
website: www.holdudvar.net
phone: +36 1 236 01 55
open: 11am-05am

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