Gozsdu udvar

Gozsdu udvar

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Just like in other large cities the downtown (or better to say the middle part) of Budapest tends to be a slum. The heart of the city is the Vth district which is still a shiny, fancy place due to the historical monuments, buildings of political institutions and business centers, banks etc. But even this district starts to be like a ghost city without any inhabitant.

The neighbour VIth, VIIth, VIIIth district is even worse. Buildings are in critical condition, the former residents moved to the green area or to the agglomeration and this part of the city became a slum during the last decades.

To stop this process and to save the historical values of these districts complex rehabilitation projects has started. On of these projects occured in Gozsdu Udvar (Gozsdu courtyard) between the Király street and Dob street.

The group of buildings were built in 1901 by the Gozsdu Foundation after the designs of Győző Czigler. The organization got established from the heritage of the lawyer Emanoil Gojdu. Seven buildings (each with four floors) and six courts belong to the group.

In 1952 the state took the Gozsdu Udvar just like every other private properties and business. During the next 40 years the real estates got seriously damaged because of the lack of reconstructions.

(photo: Genial23)

In 1999 an investment group (Autoker kft) has bought the Udvar and maintained a full reconstruction for years. From 2008 the newly renovated group of buildings will serve the community and the new residents.

Gozsdu udvar
(photo: Zsolt)

- 249 luxury apartments
- cafés, restaurants, galleries
- wellnes centers
- walking streets

This is the new Gozsdu udvar about and both the investors and the local government hopes that these project will bring new life to the downtown of Budapest.

Gozsdu udvar
(photo: Zsolt)

Gozsdu udvar
(photo: Zsolt)

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