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Sziget Festival 2009

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Of course....again Sziget Festival in Budapest on the Óbudai Island!

Check out our 2007 and 2008 reports.
We will be there this year , too!:)

The festival will take place between 12-17 August, 2009. The organizers of Sziget Festival plan to have a shorter event with a stronger program for next year. Sziget Festival is going to be five days long.

Sziget will still share the ’Sziget feeling’ for five days. The festival – just like in the previous years – on wendesday will start with more than 60 program venues and thousand programs per day.

Prior to "-1" day (10 August), there is a possibility to purchase a "Moving in" Ticket for 8 and 9 August. In case of buying it the purchasers must take notice of the fact that there are construction works on the area and they can only enter on their own responsibility. At the same time they must accept that only a certain part of the festival's infrastructure is in operation.

The importance of protecting the environment and the environment-conscious way of life from the point of view of the Earth and its inhabitants seems to be obvious to everyone today. From this conviction, the organizers of Sziget Festival have always considered an exceptionally important task to protect the flora and fauna of the festival’s scene, this unique green area in Budapest and when necessary the rehabilitation of the land.

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