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They say that Budapest is the Capital of porn. I don't think so, it is just a phrase generated by those 2-3 guys who run the Hungarian porn business. One of their symbol is the Erotic Exhibition every year.

2008. September 5-6-7.
HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center Pavilion B (6500 m2)

I guess its a bit missleading to call this exhibition as EROTIC. To me erotic means gentle, more about teasing, inspiring, more like an art and in a way its innocent, and definitely emotional.

Porn is an industry. Just as it is..nothing more. And this Erotic Exhibition has nothing to do with eros and with something erotic. On 6.500 m2 you can buy toys, you can see naked performances, shows and 1000 guys in jacket having their hand in their pockets and a digital camera in the other one.

To read more about the event and to see more photos, videos just visit their website!

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