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National Gallop, 2011

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Heroes’ Square, Budapest, Hungary
September 14-18, 2011.

(the photos were taken by Zsolt in 2008)
The Gallop

In Hungary there are thousands of citizens, who keep the world-famous Hussar traditions alive, which is in fact part of the country’s history since the Hungarian Renaissance of the 16th century. Hussar tradition, thus, is a real “hungaricum”, that Hungary gave the world with great pride. National Gallop organizers believe, that this is a slice of Hungary well-worth to show the world, and it is time to re-think Hungarian traditions in a way that the rest of world would be keen to understand, get to know, and be part of this experience.

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About 100 towns and villages participated in the contest.

The Gallop

Attractions in traditional costumes:

The Gallop

The first race commemorates King Matthias Corvinus in the spirit of the Renaissance Year.

The Gallop

By selecting the right horse and rider every private person, municipality or organization had a chance of winning the grand prize of HUF 30 million

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The winner for 2008: Suták Vanda, Nyíregyháza

The official website of the event.

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