Getting off bikers' photo exhibition

Getting off bikers' photo exhibiton

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Bikers’ Photo Exhibition on the Fences of Kodály Körönd

April 20 – May 11, 2008

Should extraterrestrials scrutinize the Pictures of the First Bikers’ Exhibition in a public space they might as well believe that this metal object is a kind of meditational tool or a mechanical tranquilizer. For on the pictures we witness – instead of crazy speeding or simple moving about town – peaceful lying around, broad fields and lengthening shadows in summer afternoons. The best photographers of the country as well as savvy amateurs responded for the call to the exhibition and cycling seems to mean the same thing for all of them – and that is not a slalom race among cars or taking sharp bends at high speed, nor balancing a large LPG bottle on the rack. According to the testimony of these photos cycling is one of the most peaceful activities in the world, closely related to taking a sunbath on a desert beach, taking a nap after lunch or thoughtless wandering about.

Budapest - getting off

Even when we take sight of moving bikers on these pictures, the figures are blurred, almost absent from the picture. They are cycling away in their own Universe.

Budapest - getting off

The photos of this exhibition give evidence that for us, Hungarians the bicycle is not simply a means of transport. Rather, it is a secret doorway that lets us get out of everyday routine, escape from traffic&noise, escape from the city. It takes us to a place where time slows down, and we can sit down any time to have a think or a drink, or both. In the meantime we might want to explain to our helpless E.T. that this machine is suitable for changing – not only attitude but place as well.

András FÖLDES, curator

Budapest - getting off

Budapest - getting off

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