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Restaurant Náncsi Néni

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The restaurant Náncsi Néni is a cult place of Budapest's gastronomy. Local people said it was better before...but thats what older people say all the time..isnt it?:)

Being in Budapest after seeing everything in the historical downtown its not a bad idea to make an excursion among the hills of Buda, seeing where the wealthy people of Budapest are living. Even if its in a rich area Náncsi Néni is not a fancy place representing modern culinary. Its not like Tom George Café or Arcade Bistro.

Náncsi Néni is a traditional Hungarian restaurant with all the sinfull heavy food, and with those red and white table covers.


The owner writes this about the restaurant on their website:

I began life as a sailor. For five years I served on board ocean-going ships, and then one day I got bored with the incessant rocking and rolling beneath my feet. The adventure had worn thin. I stepped ashore and decided to open a restaurant - the kind of place where everything would be done differently. If other places charged an arm and a leg for their dishes, ours would be dirt cheap; if the dumplings were bite-sized in other places, ours would be as big as boulders. I would create a world of savoury soups and spicy sauces; a world where everything was opulent and bountiful, with plates piled high with good things, the larder shelves creaking with home-bottled produce; a world where my guests would feel at home, just as if they were sitting in their grandmother's kitchen. My own grandmother was called Náncsi (Nanchie), by family and friends and it is in her memory that I named my restaurant. After that, with my friend Gábor Nyerges, I set about the task of finding a chef. It had to be the right person: someone who shared our philosophy on food, and who would be able to send the guests home replete and thoroughly content.

Frigyes Schädler

Náncsi néni étterem


1029 Budapest
Ördögárok str. 80.

Phone, fax:+36 1 397 27 42

Náncsi néni étterem

One of their specialities is Curd cheese dumplings á la maison coated with toasted breadcrumbs, caster sugar and sour cream. Thats what you can see on the picture above with Zannnie. She couldnt eat that large portion..we took it home:)

By car: from Downtown drive to Moszkva tér then take Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor, Huvösvölgyi út, Nagykovácsi út down to Nagyrét utca where take a right turn onto Ördögárok utca.

By bus: Take bus no. 56 (or tram no. 56) at Moszkva tér terminal, ride to Huvösvölgy terminal and change there to bus no. 63 or 157. Get off at Széchenyi utca, turn left and walk one block down Nagyrét utca (about 2 minutes).

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