Arcade Bistro

Arcade Bistro

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The name of the place is a bit confusing. Bistro to me is a cheap place at the next corner to drop in and to drink something. Rather a pub where eating is not the main point.

But the Arcade Bistro is an elegant restaurant in the XIIth District not far from the Southern Railway Station or from the MOM Park mall.

They have a website...or better to say they almost have a website. Regarding this, it seems its really just a bistro but going there you will be surprised.

Entering the place you arrive to a fancy place where waiters take your coat, they are dressed very properly and have that quiet superpolite manner. I felt like being in a traditional British club:)

The food is excellent. You know again that modern culinary style where there is almost nothing on your plate designed beautifully but that small portion is so delicious and well prepared that you shouldn't feel unsatisfied. This is the place where the waiter asks you how do you prefer your meat to be prepared. And you find yourself in the middle of a gentle conversation of your own taste.

Yes, its expensive (for a Hungarian). The main course can be between 2500-3500 HUF (apr. 15-20 USD) but in its category its a just an ok price.


Address: Budapest, 1126 Kiss János Alt. u. 38
Phone: +36 1 225-1969
Fax: +36 1 225- 1968

Open: Monday - Saturday
11-16 and 18-24 h.

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