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Nessim Gallery’s primary task is to display works of contemporary Central European photography.
We do not feel we can undertake to show the full range of contemporary world photography – we concentrate mainly on the heart of our own continent, the endeavours found from Prague to Belgrade in this art form.

The visitors to our gallery will alwys find a temporary exhibition organized around either an art photographer or a concept and, at the same time, they will always find works from those contemporary Central European photographers whom we regard to be important artists: Gábor Kerekes, Zsolt Barta, Ivan Matejka, Zsuzsa Kemenesi.

Our aim is to offer our customers art works of permanent value even in international comparison.
This is why a variety of genres and worlds are available at the gallery, ranging from sculptures of light to photographs using archaic techniques.
Our aim is to help our customers to live with the chosen art works gladly and, at the same time, rest assured that the photograph they have chosen is a profitable investment.
The rise in the value of photographic art works in recent years has surpassed the average rise experienced in the other fields on the art market.
Nessim Gallery would like to help the interested visitors to find a supply capable of meeting a very diverse demand.


Adress : 1061, Budapest Paulay Ede u. 10.
Phone : 36-1-266-6258
Opening hours :Monday to Friday 14.00-18.30
By appointment : +36-30-593-6091

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