Hungary Card 2009

Hungary Card 2009

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Welcome to the ever-growing community of Hungary Card users! We welcome your interest in getting to know our country with the help of our publications.

From 1st January the Hungarian Tourism Card 2009 can be purchased for HUF 7,140.-.

We hope that you will frequently visit the various regions of Hungary with this card in your pocket. By doing so, you will not only have a richer experience, but you will also save a significant amount of money. The more often you set off on a journey, the more frequently you will enjoy the benefit of the Hungary Card. The card is accepted throughout the country, and is valid until 31 January 2010.

You can use the Hungary Card in two ways.

1) You may claim certain discounts simply by showing the card, taking advantage of the opportunity an unlimited number of times during the validity period.
2) Other discounts are available to you only a limited number of times. In order to take advantage of these reduced or free services, use the vouchers you find in the voucher book you received with the card. Each voucher gets you one discount - usually for one person, at times for everybody in your company. Just hand your card and booklet over to the service provider. They will tear out a voucher, and if applicable, stamp or date the remaining part. Please keep your card and booklet ready, as in case of a control it serves as proof of your eligibility. Reduced fare tickets are valid only together with the corresponding card and booklet. You can purchase reduced fare tickets or services, as long as you have a correspondent voucher in your book. Therefore, take the card and the voucher book with you every time you set out on a trip.

We would like to recommend our internet homepage, Alongside the most up-to-date news, each week we present detailed route-plans to help you as you discover the country. Here you can find the complete list of discount providers, including those partners who joined our network after this booklet was published. You can also follow any possible changes, such as possible discontinuation of a service, changes in the extent of the discount, etc. You may also contact Hotelinfo directly from here. We always welcome your comments and suggestions, as our aim is that the Hungary Card meets with everyone's expectations.

We at Hotelinfo, together with all our service partners, wish every Hungary Card holder a pleasant stay in Hungary.

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