Gundel Restaurant

Gundel Restaurant

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The Gundel Restaurant is on of the symbolical places of Budapest. Beside the Café New York this is the place which is frequently visited by premium category tourists. The place is located right beside the Hero Square next to the Budapest Zoo and to the Szécheny Bath.

History of the place:

Even the greatest legends have some basis in reality - somewhat similar to the way culinary arts create the most sumptuous symphonies in food from the lowliest ingredients. So, the Gundel Legend started some one hundred and fifty years ago when Johann Gundel, a boy at the tender age of thirteen, set off with thirty marks in his pocket from the Bavarian town of Ansbach to try his fortune in the wide world.

The restaurant has a fancy, historical style recalling the XIXth Century. Just like most of the attractions in Budapest. For example this Queen Elisabeth Ballroom has a Rococo style.

You can enter the restaurant for a dinner but reserving a table is a must if you wanna make sure to get in.

But if you need a fancy place for a special event Gundel is a perfect choice.

The upper floors were occupied by the Gundel family members time ago, so some rooms there are still having their names. That place is really a living history combined with a modern high quality service.

I wouldnt say Gundel is the place where you will find local people witnessing how they spend their usual outdoor dinner. But if you want a fancy, shiny, symbolic place with that typical XIXth Century mood around the Gundel is a good choice!

Gundel pancake

The question, whether the French crepe, the Austrian Palatschinken or the Hungarian palacsinta was created earlier, has not been decided for ages (though possibly the Roman placenta is their common ancestor - the latter was introduced by the Roman Legions into the countries of the European continent). However the origin of the King of Pancakes, the Gundel palacsinta is quite certain. This delicacy was created by the famous restaurateur Károly Gundel in his exquisite restaurant in the Budapest City Park, at the beginning of the XXth century. The century-old Gundel pancake has a filling enriched with rum, raisin, lemon rind and walnuts, served with a chocolate sauce - somewhat fried in the oven and flambéed upon request. (source:


Gundel Restaurant

Phone: (361) 468-40-40 Telefax: (361) 363-19-17 e-mail:
Banquets, privat parties
Phone: (361) 468-40-41 Telefax: (361) 363-55-45 e-mail:

Jackets are required for gentlemen in the evenings.
Pets are not allowed in the restaurant.

Opening hours:
Gundel Restaurant: 12:00-16:00 and 18:30-24:00
Colonnade Bar: 09:00-24:00
Sunday Brunch: 11:30-15:00


1146 Budapest, Állatkerti út 2.

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