Sir Lancelot Medieval Restaurant

Sir Lancelot Medieval Restaurant

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Sir Lancelot restaurant

Style of the middle ages, large portions, sexy waitresses, long benches, located in the downtown in a cellar designed like a castle. That's the Sir Lancelot Medieval Restaurant in Budapest. Their sytle in their menu or on their website is like this:

Ladies and Lords, if thy stomach might crumble,
And your cook be out, the solution is simple,
Thy task then is only to travel,
And the magic of Sir Lancelot's empire unravel.

Sir Lancelot restaurant

I have been to this restaurant several times. They do not give you utensils such as the fork to eat - only spoon and knife, and they are rather for groups but we also could get a seat for two without any problem (at a long bench).

So Sir Lancelot is not for romantic dates, it is more for fun dinning with friends and colleagues. In this noisy way, there is always someone taking photos, while the staff is acting. I rarely see there any bored waiters or waitresses, they usually look like being proud of being the attractions.

Sir Lancelot restaurant

And they indeed have a lot of attractions. Musicians, weapons on the walls, dresses etc. The food is very delicious. Again not a fitness place, heavy food usually meat with meat.

Sir Lancelot restaurant

The place is expensive. For two of us, I paid 8.000 Ft (2007 December) but a couple of years ago when I recommended this place to a group the Holland organizers, they paid as much for that dinner as they had planned for their food expense of a whole week. However, if you are careful enough with your wallet, you can survive in the Sir Lancelot which is obviously a novelty and worth to try.


1065 Budapest
Podmaniczky str. 14.
+36 1 302 4456

BudapestZIN tip: It is better to make an advanced table reservation. They speak English!



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