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Opera Ball

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2. February 2008.

Star guest: Richard Claydermann

The opera ball had been first organised in 1886 and, after an interval of 62 years, it has revived in 1996. Its one of the leading event of the Hungarian Elite. It's interesting that the organizers describe the ball as "where the leading persons of the middle class that is to say the Hungarian culture, knowledge, power and money meet one another each year". It seems we have different terms for middle class:)

Anyway the event is really glam, the building of the opera house, the design, the dresses look beautiful.

Organising bureau
Address: 1065 Bp. Hajós u. 13-15. fsz. 1.
Tel: +361/302-3906
Fax: +36/1-302-5861

E-mail: operabal@operabal.com
Website: www.operabal.com

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