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Millenium da Pippo restaurant

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There are several Italian restaurants in Budapest but only few which are really good. Millenium da Pippo is one of them. Actually the place is Sicilian (saying Italian is too general), and their specialities are the Sicilian food especially fishes.

The restaurant is on the Andrássy street not far from Kodály Körönd. Lets say quite frequented place but maybe because its not a Hungarian restaurant its not really overcrowded by tourists.

The cuisine is the main point at this place but let me mention an other speciality, too. The interior is designed after the Millenium Underground which is quite near to the restaurant.

Millenium Underground:

(photo: frankps)

Interior of Millenium da Pippo restaurant:

Other thing I like at this place is their gadgets. For example this mysterious machine for cutting ham:

The reason I recommend the place is their food. I especially like the pasta (any kind of pasta) there. It has a real Italian soul.:) It is obvious that they pay a lot of attention to the food, bringing a real Italian taste to Budapest. They are very Italian in other aspects, too. We were there like three, trying to have a conservation but in some moments it was impossible because some Italian guys beside us (most likely the owners or their friends)were extremely noisy. But anyway I love Italian language:)

We ordered tomato soup (the waitress brought the pepper to the soup in a very cute grinder), differet type of pastas, red wine, coffee, mineral water and we paid like 12.000 Ft (apr. 70USD) for it. Quite reasonable in the downtown, though small Hungarian restaurants are definitelly cheaper in the surrounding streets.


Website: (unfortunately no English version)
Opening hours: 12-24 every day

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