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Each day, two of the installation's twelve themes will be displayed:

  • First theme: from nightfall to 9 p.m.
  • Second theme: from 9 p.m.


Péter Kozma's m.city light art installation attempts to bring a new perspective on the relationships of the city and art. Transgressing the first social utopias that accompanied the emergence of digital cultures, i.e. technical darwinism, Kozma tries to investigate how the network culture changed our spatial perceptions.

The typical phenomenon of the last decades is that cities are segmenting less and less according to a terrain-based system, but rather grow depending on and stimulated by the development of transportation, of infrastructural networks. Contemporary urban impressions are not based solely on natural and artificial environmental elements, but new dimensions of perceptions are opened by the immaterial, sometimes thick, changing, unstable and functional public and institutional networks.


The installation is an interpretation of the concept of the city in this age of information, an experiment on the thematic presentation of the meta-, multi-, micro- and memory-networks spreading through and connecting the city. It recalls the monumentality of the former market place Kirakodó Square, exposing the still unsolved role of the Chain Bridge in relation to the circular boulevards, the practice of favoring appearance over functionality in city planning. It is an attempt to visualize the displacement of the city center, the transformation of Budapest into a multi-center city, the urban organizational power of the information society. In reference to the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, it moves the emphasis from a symbolic location of science, and focuses on making the hyper-context apparent, bringing light to the spiritual role of the networks, of Science. One of the themes will present a cross-section of the information networks.


Discussions on the themes, the concepts and the installation are open on the blog pages hosted at the mvaros.org website.

Péter Kozma (1961) is a swiss artist of Hungarian origin. For some time, he pursued a professional sports carrier and competed at the Sarajevo Winter Olympics in the discipline of slalom alpine skiing. He completed his studies in Budapest, at the visual communications faculty of the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. As a result of a series of open-air events at Frankhegy, he became a respected member of the Budapest party culture. He has been experimenting with light painting since 1995, in close collaboration with Dora Berkes (glass painter) in the earlier periods. He has been concentrating on individual exhibitions since 2006, bringing his installations to Berlin, Warsaw, Zurich, Duisburg, Essen, Budapest and Vienna.


Additional programs
The light art show will be accompanied by musical and dance programs every day from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. A colorful musical program will be delivered by the dj-s of Radiocafé and Tilos Rádió, Cinetrip, Love Alliance and Minimalheadz. A special program of this year's event is the dance-floor. Professional dance trainers will be teaching new dances and steps to visitors on Roosevelt Square, three times during the event. The tango soirée begins at 4 p.m. on December 22, folk dance and live folk music will be staged on the 27th, and hard rock music and modern dance will bring a little more excitement in the evening of the holiday crowd on the 30th.


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